Panzer Pets in Development

After a succesful demonstration at the GDC in San Fransisco, Panzer Pets continues development.
Unfortunately, I can't reveal much at this time, but it's going to be an awesome game! Keep watching this site for more info.


If you're representing a school, university or other educational institution, consider contacting Eva Jobse for a lecture. Eva is also available as guest speaker on conferences and seminars. Previously, Eva Jobse succesfully held lectures at the Utrecht School of Arts and was a guest speaker at IBM's "Virtual Worlds, Real Leaders" conference.


Welcome to the portfolio website of Eva Adeline Jobse.

Currently, I am the lead game designer at Gamundo, a small indie company based in Amsterdam specialized in social games, virtual worlds and social MMOs.

Before that, I have worked as Game Designer for Virtual Fairground, an Amsterdam-based game studio specialized in browser-based MMOs. As earning virtual currency and trade of virtual items was an important feature of our game, I was responsible for the in-game economy, by balancing all our currency faucets and setting prices and properties of items accordingly.

In addition, I was tasked with the creation and tweaking of minigames, including a redesign and rebalance of our virtual card game, Gridball, which proved to be the most popular and most profitable feature of Club Galactik, Virtual Fairground's flagship product.

It wasn't long before my talent for concept design was recognized, and I was put in charge of the creative design for work-for-hire projects for companies such as Activision, the Efteling, Universe of Faith, Nickelodeon and the National Indian Gaming Association.

Previously, I studied at the Utrecht School of Arts and received a Masters Degree at The Open University. As graduation project, I developed a 3D space shooter game, using Virtools as development environment.

During the course of my study, I contributed to game-related projects for Philips, Microsoft, One Big Game, and the Rabobank, amongst others. In these projects, I took upon myself many different roles. I was also committed to a 6-months internship with Xform, a small game studio in the Netherlands which developed several commercial titles.

Always taking an interest in online gaming, I have been an elected Council Member of EVE Online's Council of Stellar Management for one year, which is the maximum amount of terms an individual can serve on the council.

This council consists of CCP's official player representatives, and are flown to Iceland several times to work closely with the lead developers to discern player concerns and provide solutions. Several of the solutions I proposed have made it in-game.

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