If you're representing a school, university or other educational institution, consider contacting Eva Jobse for a lecture. Eva is also available as guest speaker on conferences and seminars. Previously, Eva Jobse succesfully held lectures at the Utrecht School of Arts and was a guest speaker at IBM's "Virtual Worlds, Real Leaders" conference.

Game Design

As game designer I have participated in the development of many game-related projects. This is a small selection of the projects in which I fulfilled a game design role.

Panzer Pets
Panzer Pets is a next-gen social MMO centered around building robots and battling with them. Combining both casual and hardcore elements, Panzer Pets will appeal to a wide audience and deliver the best of both worlds. For this project I was the lead game designer and a bit of a producer; I both designed the concept and game mechanics from the ground up and oversaw the production of the prototype, managing design, art and programming. An internal demo has been completed in March 2012, and work continues at a steady pace.

Hero World
Hero World was to be an MMO based on the succesful Guitar Hero franchise. I was responsible for the concept and game design of both the MMO and a companion Facebook game. Hero World was to be a music-based virtual world, centered around user generated content and territorial conflict between rival music genres. The Facebook game was to be a festival management game, where players had to manage and expand festival grounds and the events held there. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled as Activision shut down the Guitar Hero franchise early 2011.

Club Galactik
Club Galactik was a free-to-play browser-based MMO released in january 2010 and based on the Galactik Football cartoon series. The game featured a persistant world and many minigames through which players could earn virtual currency and items. My role in this project was designing the player economy, balancing, quest design, designing minigames, and also being responsible for community management. Unfortunately, the game was closed down in April 2011 after Virtual Fairground lost the Galactik Football licence, which combined with the cancellation of Hero World resulted in VF's bankruptcy.
Watch Club Galactik's trailer here.
The first minigame I designed, Stadium Showoff, can be played here.

EVE Online
For EVE Online, I was part of the so-called Council of Stellar Management. This council was elected by the players of EVE Online to represent their interests and propose game-changes to the developers at CCP Games. I served on this council for one year and was flown to Iceland several times to sit around the table with CCP's lead developers. Many of the changes the CSM proposed have made it in-game or are currently in development.
For more information about the CSM:
Read New York Times article here.
View CSM segment of "Another Perfect World" here.

Adapt or Die
My graduation project. Adapt or Die is a 3D space game which features complex controls and a high level of realism. This project ran for 5 months, and I developed it on my own. Due to the limitations of the Virtools engine, I succesfully coded my own rendering and physics system within Virtools and developed an unique user interface. Download supportive narrative here.

Pirate Adventure
A three-week student project to create a sidescrolling action-adventure game. I filled design and programming positions as part of this project.

Alien Culture Suck
Xform's entry for the NLGD Game Jam 2007, this game was made in only 2 days by a small team of professionals. I was responsible for game mechanic and user interface design, as well as programming. Download game here.

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