If you're representing a school, university or other educational institution, consider contacting Eva Jobse for a lecture. Eva is also available as guest speaker on conferences and seminars. Previously, Eva Jobse succesfully held lectures at the Utrecht School of Arts and was a guest speaker at IBM's "Virtual Worlds, Real Leaders" conference.

Level Design

My passion for level designing started at an early age, by creating custom maps and campaigns for early games such as 'The Settlers II' and 'Warcraft II'. Later on this expanded to the creation of full mods of games, and resulted in the development of a custom world for a freeserver of the popular the MMORPG 'Ultima Online'. During my internship and school projects, I was often assigned level design roles. Level design was also a major course of my Game Design study, and I was taught Level Design theory by professionals from renowned companies such as Guerilla Games (Killzone).

Level Design at Virtual Fairground
At Virtual Fairground, I was responsible for level and quest design for various commercial titles, including Club Galactik. For this purpose, I used several in-house tools which were based on Adobe Flash. With these tools, I could create complex scripts and events which would trigger dynamically based on the player's actions and decissions.

Miners Universe
This is a professional school project developed for the charity organization One Big Game. Our development team was led by famous game designer Charles Cecil and worked for 6 months to develop a next-gen version of the classic Minesweeper. Not only does the game feature a character and movement, there are also enemies which threaten the player. Since the game is fundamentally a puzzle-game, good level design was critical as all maps had to be solvable and challenging.

Ultima Online
Before WoW existed, I used to run a freeserver of Ultima Online. This freeserver featured new game world built from scratch. This complex project took me over 3 years, during which I learned a great deal on creating fantasy environments. I also had to design a lot of buildings in various architectural styles, both internal and external, and create believable cityscapes.

The Farm
One of the projects I was assigned to during my internship at Xform. The Farm is a game for children in which they play a farm animal which can engage in various minigames. I designed the minigame 'Molehunt', in which the player had to protect crops from attacks by hungry moles. Along with designing the gamemechanics, I also created progressively difficult levels.

When games started being shipped with level editors, I was one of the first to pick up these tools to create custom maps and scenarios. Since the internet wasn't available back then, I often wrote campaign briefings on decorated sheets of paper and shared them and the new levels with friends. Later on I entered the modding scene, creating mods for roleplaying games such as Baldurs Gate and Morrowind. Due to the wide variety of editing tools I employed, I can quickly get accustomed to unfamiliar professional design software.

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